Month: March 2019

How To Live Forever: Top Tech That Will Keep You Young And Beautiful

We all hope and wish to live for more than a century, and if given a choice we would want to look young and beautiful forever. Is it possible in this present situation?  Yes, of course.  One can make use of the top technology to prolong the lifespan of the individual as well as able to reduce the aging process gradually.  However, one needs to look for better treatment options with advanced technology.  Mymeditravel is one of the excellent websites for providing the ultimate solutions for many health aspects.

The following are the top technologies that could stop getting old;

•    Genetic modification: Using genetic modification methods, replacing the faulty genes with the artificial genes into a live organism become possible in the present era.  Similarly, the research can be extended in identifying and replacing the aging genes will be of greater use in the future.

•    Cloning:  Due to the aging process, the body and its organs get older and may not perform adequately as in the younger stages.  Cloning of these particular organs will help the individual to replace the older organs.  However, there are practical complications in doing so.  If these complications are rectified with loads of researches using the mice with the success rate, one can achieve the target in a better way.

•    Nanotechnology: Use of small robotic technology in the healthcare services not only provide the opportunity to replace the failure organs but also help to restore the damaged cells more effectively.  This dream can come right one day with extensive research options as advanced nanotechnology will put an end to the aging process.  Many kinds of researches are still under progress.

•    Immunization against aging:  Many infectious diseases across the globe are eradicated successfully with the regular immunization schedule.  Almost a few contagious diseases like smallpox, measles, mumps, polio are eradicated successfully.  Similarly, the aging disease can be immunized, and the impact of aging can be lowered.  The thought process is theoretical still now, but it will give promising results if exist.…

Top 10 Assistive Tech for People With Disabilities

Innovation in technology has continuously assisted people with different disabilities including visual loss, hearing loss, motion disabilities or any other disorders.  Most of the tech companies create the products keeping these specially disabled in mind.  They create such adaptive devices for the disabled person in order to improve their living condition.

One can observe many apps and tech gadgets to ease the hitches of the disabled person on a regular basis and one among them is the ApexHealthandCare who is a pioneer in the field of innovative tech products.

Here are the top 10 assistive tech apps and gadgets for the disabled people;

  1. Dot is a simple wearable smartwatch which offers many practical solutions to regular problems, unlike e-braille devices.  Dot is not as costly as e-Braille devices and it is more affordable.  It helps the blind people to access the messages, books, tweets anywhere and at any point in time.
  2. Sesame phone which is operated using the gestures of the disabled person making it easy to access.  The mobile phone widely used with the touch screen option whereas this sesame phone comes with the unique feature either by accessing through gestures or through voice controls.
  3. Talkitt helps the people who have difficulty in communication especially for those who have improper speech and language.  It converts the speech into meaningful sentences so one can understand what they mean to convey.
  4. UNI has specialized cameras, it helps to detect the hand and gestures movements and convert it into meaningful texts within a very short span of time to communicate.
  5. Be My Eyes is one of the coolest application for blind people to see the world in which volunteers are connected through a network to assist blind people.
  6. Finger reader, a wearable tool which aids the disabled people to read the text.
  7. AXS map helps to find the wheelchair accessed ramps and restrooms in public places.
  8. Liftware is a self-stabilizing tool act as a fork or a spoon helps to access the food from the utensil and avoids spillage.
  9. Transcense helps the deaf people to enter into group conversations among the people.
  10. Assist-mi is an excellent gadget which helps the disabled people to get assistance in real time using service providers.

Five Ways Technology Is Improving Life Expectancy

Healthcare industry has witnessed remarkable developments in various sectors, thanks to technology. Recent technological innovation boosts the cure for different illness and improves the overall quality of life. It is so evident that life expectancies have significantly developed over the past few centuries. The following reasons account for high life expectancy.


The internet is flooded with information that can be accessed anytime by anyone at a higher pace. One can browse through much available information about health and fitness and acquire more profound insight into the need to have a dedicated fitness regime. The Internet can make one health-conscious thereby improving their life quality dramatically.

Food production:

Most people on the planet Earth are blessed with nutritious, bountiful food. Several technological innovations, experiments, and researchers, GMO, sensors that monitor soil moisture, maintains optimal temperature for the growth of crops favor agriculture. A healthy diet and a clean environment enhance the functioning of the lungs and heart.

Health apps:

Smartphones can be used as a fitness device to monitor heartbeat, weight, calories consumed and nutritional value of the food is taken. With the aid of the fitness tracking apps, it is possible to forecast the occurrence of heart attack, as the apps accurately monitor and alert the user in case of any abnormal symptoms. Visit for more guidance about the use of health apps.

Vaccines and pacemakers:

The exponential growth in medical research and technology has led to the development of vaccines, which can potentially eradicate a few dreadful and chronic conditions. Devices like pacemakers can be installed at heart and monitored remotely. The tool efficiently improves and maintains the optimal heartbeat rate and keeps one going.

Medical record:

Internet remains as the backbone behind the invention of various medical software that accurately keep track of the patients’medical history. The easy retrieval and accessibility saves the treatment time and ensures the best treatment possible.…

How to Entertain Children Without Technology

Smartphones, iPods, online games are unknown to the kids once upon a time.  All these become central part for the kids in recent years.  The children entire world’s has filled with many tech gadgets, and they slowly grow addicted to these technological advances.  This is an alarming signal for every parent to make their children engage in any of the physical activity rather than tech gadgets like smart video games, television, etc.

Indoor and outdoor activities are significant in number, and one can enjoy and have fun through playing these games with their friends and family members.  Instead of becoming a tech addict, a child can be diverted to these viable activities which will enhance their brain development as well as social skills.  Check out the extensive collection of toys in doodle buckets to surprise the children.

Here are the few tips for entertaining children;

•    Cultivate the habit of reading books.  Many exciting stories book like fairy tales, detective stories will help to improve their imaginative skills and also enhances creative thinking.  It also helps to build linguistic skills among children.

•    Engage them in a local park.  Each child loves to play outside and enjoy the ride in the park especially the swing, the slider, and the see-saw.  A child will have more fun when able to get along with others in the park.

•    Try to purchase some creative wooden blocks and indoor games like carrom, chess, ludo which will enhance the mental development and facilitate logical thinking.

•    Take them on a small tour.  One can have great fun and also able to spend some quality time with each other.

•    Teach them to ride a bicycle.  When the child learns to ride a bike independently, they can explore the excitement and joy at a higher level as they ride it on their own.

•    Engage your child with any of the art and craft activities.  The child will think and explore many craft items with little things on hand.  It also enhances creativity.

•    Studying them in drawing and painting is also one of the methods to engage your child.

•    The child will love to do gardening and watering the plants in which they try to learn and explore from nature.…

How Smart Homes Help People with Disabilities in 2019

Smart home appliances are spoken for their role in helping the elderly and people with disabilities and they hold a prominent place in the tech-savvy world. is a website that is helpful for those looking to explore the potential of smart home systems. You would also be able to find information on how to use these smart home systems to create a home that is convenient for people with disabilities.

Let them know that they are secure

Smart home security systems come with biometric locks which make the home extra secure for people with disabilities. This makes them feel safe in their home.

Help them answer the door

 Answering the door with smart video doorbells avoids the hassle of any helper presence. Without reaching the peepholes, people can easily view the live streaming of the video from the door camera. This makes it possible to know the person at the door without physically going to the door. Also, opening the door through keyless entry makes the whole process even simpler.

Help is always at hand

Smart home tech can be made better when the wearable tech is integrated with it. There is fall detecting smart bands that can send out notifications to loved ones. These can also place an emergency call during such situations to call for help. Installing remote access security cameras also helps family members keep a watch on the family member with disability staying at home. So the person would never have to feel alone at home and there is the assurance that help is easy to access.

On the whole, to improve the safety of the ambiance and make it convenient for those with disabilities smart home technology can be put to good use. The revolutionary new devices have also made it possible to design such smart homes at an affordable price. …