Month: February 2019

5 Spots to Take Selfies That’ll Light Up Your Instagram

When you take a selfie every little parameter like the framing of the shot, the lighting, the objects in the background influence the effect the photo creates. Create a perfect outfit complete with coordinated accessories for which you can check luxtime. Once you have created an outfit that makes you look and feel good then comes the next most important part of getting a great selfie- identifying the location.

There are so many people using Instagram and so many photos being uploaded by each user every single day. So what makes your shot special? What makes your selfie stand out in the crowd? This is one question that you should keep asking yourself if you wish to increase the number of likes and comments. So here are some killer locations to choose to make your selfie popular –

  1. In front of a historic site

Historic sites, monuments are always known to form great locations for selfies. When you capture the angle right you would be able to shine with the popular historic spot in your frame.

  • In front of the art

Art always grabs attention and when you stumble upon something unique then it can surely add value to your selfie.

  • Selfies in dangerous locations

This is one place where you should exercise caution. There are plenty of spots that look perilous but can be scaled when cautiously done. If you had hiked a mountain labelled ‘insurmountable’, or swam across rough waters then selfies that show accomplishments along with such dangerous backgrounds can be instant hits.

  • The least explored scenic spots

There are several popular tourist destinations and then there are those offbeat spots that look even better for your selfies.

  • Perception

Even a small gutter can look like an ideal background for your selfie if you frame it right and use the right angle. …

5 Ways Technology is Improving Health in 2019

Healthcare technology has improved significantly over the past few years making quality healthcare available even in the most remote areas of the globe.  Here are five improvements that everyone must know in the changing health scenario.

  1. Easily accessible health records: Till recently doctors had to rely on paper records which were maintained clumsily and often records were lost. But with all health records going digital it is easier to share records between practitioners for more efficient patient care.
  2. Telemedicine: In rural areas where there are no doctors patients can rely on computers and interact with doctors in other places. In fact, there are even ICUs which have telehealth services which have reduced the mortality rate by almost 26% according to reports.
  3. Home-based health monitoring tools: It is now possible for diabetics to regularly monitor their sugar levels with portable equipment designed to measure the glucose in the blood. Then there are pacemakers which send data automatically to the health center. These devices not only save time, money but also help in addressing issues in the nascent stage and prevent them from becoming fatal.
  4. Wearable technology: Now not only patients even health-conscious individuals can keep track of their health with wearable devices that not only give you information on how many calories you burnt, how many steps you climbed but also give information on your heart rate, pulse rate, and sleeping pattern. The more advanced ones of course measure the glucose levels in the body and release insulin as required. Basically, it has become easier to monitor health thanks to technology.
  5. Sequencing of genomes: The technology to sequence the human genetic material is earth-shattering as it paves way for cures for genetic disorders. Though there is a lot more to be done in this field, the future is bright and promising.

Technology has played a significant role in drug testing also. Check this out to know more.

Here’s Why You Should be Tracking your Health and Fitness

In the current hectic lifestyle that we lead we often lose track of where our fitness is heading to. To stay on track of your fitness goal it is crucial that you track all activities and food consumed by you on a daily basis. With advanced technology, it is now possible to track every aspect of your health in an effortless manner.

Benefits of tracking

Regular tracking of your health goals ensures that you are in control of your health at all times. It aids you to be more efficient and motivated. You can also make any required changes to improve your fitness when you have an overall picture at hand.

Things to track

  1. Heart rate: By using any of the available heart rate monitors and being aware of the number of heartbeats per minute you will not only be in constant touch with the health of your heart but also tweak your exercise plan for optimal benefit and minimal risk.
  2. Hydration: According to muscle building supplements reviews, for optimal benefits one must drink adequate water. But due to preoccupation with the other challenges of life, people often fail to keep track of their fluid intake. There are some smart water bottles that track your water intake and send the report to your smartphone so you know if you have met your daily quota or not.
  3. Counting calories: There are several apps wherein you can input the number of carbs, protein, and vitamins you have taken in each meal and the app will calculate the calories.

Thus, we can see that there are several benefits of tracking your health and fitness and the best part is that with so much of technological help it is a breeze. So, set aside all apprehensions and get started on achieving your fitness goals.…